My Passport Series

Frankfurt, Germany

Hey beautiful people, today I am here with another travel post under My Passport Series and it is on the beautiful Frankfurt, Germany. I have been waiting to write this post for the longest time of life because I actually visited Frankfurt in summer 2014 and I’ve never written about it since because I couldn’t find my photographs from the trip and back then I wasn’t a blogger so my picture taking skills were just horrible, so please do forgive me for the poor quality of most of the photographs. So you are probably wondering how I found myself in Germany? Continue reading “Frankfurt, Germany”


The Foundation to good Skincare 

Hey beautiful people, so skincare is something that almost all of us obsess over because let’s face it everyone wants that skin that glows from within. Skincare has always been close to my heart and it is undoubtably the most requested blog post topic I have received to date. So as promised, today I will be sharing with you my foundation to good skincare and I really hope you find this post useful and  you find the inspiration you need to get that skin popping. So let’s jump right in…

Having great skin is not all about how many great products you use on it or even how much sunscreen you apply on it. When it comes to skincare Continue reading “The Foundation to good Skincare “


Updated Skincare Routine

Hey beautiful people, so my updated skincare routine has been long overdue so today I’m sharing with you the products that I’m currently using to keep my skin looking snatched.

Cleanse and Tone

First up are my favourites from the Nivea daily essentials skincare range. I’ve been using the shine control facial wash gel and the shine control toner for about 10 months now. I use them both morning and evening and I love the smell of the products and how rejuvenated my skin feels after I use them. Continue reading “Updated Skincare Routine”


3 keys to getting your morning facial routine on track

Happy Monday

The benefits of a good facial routine cannot be overemphasised. Although a lot of people don’t realise the importance of having a good facial routine in the morning, I personally have seen a great improvement in my skin since I decided to actually commit to one. Continue reading “3 keys to getting your morning facial routine on track”


My current favourite everyday makeup look

Hey beautiful people, so we just entered June on my side of the world which means winter is officially here.Today I’m keeping my blog post short and sweet and sharing with you my current favourite everyday makeup look. I’ve been doing this makeup look so much because it’s really easy but it still looks put together. Continue reading “My current favourite everyday makeup look”