Lifestyle Update

 It’s funny how time flys once you’ve started a new year. It feels like just yesterday when it was the first of January and everything felt new. January is always a bit of a confusing month for me and that’s because I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thought of a new year while trying to get over the previous year. Honestly January feels more like a transition period between the old year and the new year thus my new year actually starts in February because I’m actually settled and ready to move forward. So with this post I just thought I should give you guys a bit of an update on my current lifestyle. I took the photograph above a few days ago and I must say, I love my new year glow.

I always find making goals at the beginning of the year a little intimidating. Why? Well that’s because when I look at a list of what I want to achieve by the end of the year it seems almost impossible at times. So this year, I found a way to beat the problem. Instead of making year long goals, I’ve decided to make monthly goals. Monthly goals are more effective because they have shorter deadlines thus it doesn’t give you time to slack off. Many times when we make a goal at the beginning of the year we tend to slack off along the way often reasoning that we have plenty of time to reach the goal and in the end we don’t reach it. Once you become a pro at meeting monthly goals, then you can slowly move towards a longer time frame maybe 3 month goals.

With that said, I’ve decided to take February as a chance to kickstart my health and workout routine for the new year. Creating a routine that I can stick to earlier in the year will help me stick to it throughout the year. So below I’m just going to breakdown my routine for the month:

  • Incorporate a few healthy options in my diet 

I’m not a fast food junkie so this one won’t be much of a challenge for me. My Dad has always stressed the importance of a healthy diet from the time I was young and I guess it’s only now that I’m older that I can take more control over my diet. So my goal would be to eat more fruits and replace fizzy drinks or sodas for healthier options like fruit juice or a smoothie . This will help me cut down on all that unhealthy sugar and replace it with natural sugar that is found in fruits.

  • My workout routine

For me working out is a great way to keep my body fit and it’s the perfect start to any day. I’m not really a gym fanatic and this is because I have a busy schedule and so I prefer workouts that I can do from home before I leave the house. I workout 3-4 times a week and my workout consists of:

  1. 5 sets of a 100 skips
  2. 200 step ups
  3. 10 minute brisk walking
  • More H2O in my system

My goal is to take about 3 litres of water a day. Getting more water in your system helps to detox, assists in weight loss and improves the appearance of your skin. Now I don’t mean I’ll be taking this water all at once but rather small sips throughout the day.

Well that’s what I will be working on this month, do you guys have any goals for the month or year that you would like to share? Or any health and workout tip? Feel free to comment below, but till my next post stay hydrated, motivated and inspired.


Chocolate & Confident


3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Update”

  1. This is the motivation I need in my life lol. I’m super busy with work & school, so my goal is to fit in at least a 30 minute work out 2 times a week.

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