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Weekend Roadtrip

What better way to take a break after a stressful week than taking a mini roadtrip with the family. Road trips are a great way to bond as a family because you get to catch up, enjoy the great scenery and make fun stops along the way. After having a tiring week and just feeling drained, there is nothing I wanted more than to get away from here and get some fresh air. I jumped at the idea of having a mini roadtrip for the weekend and although we would be driving for a little over 2000km for a round trip I figured that’s exactly what I needed to clear my mind and just relax.  Upon arrival, I got to spend the weekend at a curio gift market which was buzzing with tourists from all over the world. I also got to visit an African food market, where you can basically get a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables. The drive back home was long but I felt happy and one of the highlights of my trip was crossing the beautiful Zambezi River on a ferry. As I watched the mighty yet seemingly tame waters I felt an inner peace and in that moment I knew I was ready to get back to my normal life. I’m guessing at this point you’re probably asking what the destination was?

Destination: Livingstone, Zambia


If you have never visited Zambia, definitely put it on your bucket list. It is a beautiful country in terms of cultural diversity and the variety of food that is available. It is also home to the breathtaking Victoria Falls which is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Another thing that makes Zambia a country worth visiting is the locals are friendly and welcoming to tourists and foreign nationals. I personally love visiting places that make me feel at home and Zambia is definitely one such place. If you are thinking of visiting Africa and having the full African experience, Zambia is truely the real Africa. If you would like any additional information on Zambia feel free to leave a comment below. Join me next time to see which country I will be covering for My Passport Series .


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