Nike x Denim

I am so excited to finally be sharing this post with you. Recently my sister, Ndazipa, who also happens to be a blogger and I worked on a collaboration featuring a new range of Nike trainers and the latest range of high rise denim from Forever 21. This was a great choice because Nike trainers have been all the rage lately, flooding our Instagram feeds with envy worthy pictures. Although I am not an avid follower of trends I am particulary impressed with how Nike has been able to crossover from basic sporty wear to trendy chic.

Working together turned out to be way more fun than we actually thought it would be. We had been planning on working together for the longest time and we finally got our chance.

Our aim of the collaboration was to bring out our individual personalities but keep it fun and really playful. To bring out my bubbly and fun side I decided to go for a bright coloured patterned Kimono and to bring out her edgy side my sister opted for a black leather jacket. As for our makeup, we went for a simple cat eye with bold bright lips. After getting all dolled up we were ready to walk the streets of Dubai and get some amazing shots along the way. We got a friend of ours to photograph us and although she is not a proffessional, she did a pretty good job, so Zewe I know you are reading this post right now so thank you so much for the amazing pictures. At the end of it all, we had loads of fun acting silly and just being girls. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, for more please follow the link to Ndazipa’s blog to see her version of our collaboration and for my fellow travel junkies I will be covering my trip to Dubai in my next “Passport Series“.

Outfit Details

1. Kimono – Splash

2. Leather jacket – Splash

3. Denim – Forever 21

4. Black tank top – Mr Price

5. Grey tank top – Max

6. Brown handbag – Aldo

7. Nike trainers – Nike Outlet store

8. Sunglasses – Forever 21


chocolate & confident


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