My Passport Series

Frankfurt, Germany

Hey beautiful people, today I am here with another travel post under My Passport Series and it is on the beautiful Frankfurt, Germany. I have been waiting to write this post for the longest time of life because I actually visited Frankfurt in summer 2014 and I’ve never written about it since because I couldn’t find my photographs from the trip and back then I wasn’t a blogger so my picture taking skills were just horrible, so please do forgive me for the poor quality of most of the photographs. So you are probably wondering how I found myself in Germany? Well it wasn’t for my usual holidays but I was actually invited there to attend the 2014 International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was so ecstatic when I received the invitation because visiting Germany  was something I had never really thought about . When I was in high school I had done a depth study on Germany and I had just found it so fascinating how rich in history Germany was. Although most people cringe at the thought of finding Germany’s history even vaguely fascinating, I absolutely loved it. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a fan of the Hitler regime and I definitely did not condone any of their actions but I did love learning about German engineering and culture. I always wished that one day I would get the opportunity to visit Germany and my wish came true.

Frankfurt is up to date one of the cleanest places I have ever visited. It was such a pleasant experience to walk through the busy and sometimes quiet streets of Frankfurt . I got to go on different tours around the city, I also got to go cable car riding for the first time over some beautiful vineyards , I tasted different kinds of bread which they have a lot of in Germany and don’t even get me started on the variety of sausages I also got to taste. One of the highlights of my trip was going on a 3 hour cruise on The Rhine River. Although I was a bit skeptical because well just the thought of being on a ship for 3 hours terrified me once I got on board and we started moving, I felt more and more comfortable. As I enjoyed some cold refreshments, I got to see the beautiful castles that were built along the river and I also got to sun bask a little when I went to the upper deck of the ship. Although I was only in Frankfurt for 7 days it felt like I had been there long enough to feel at home there. When it was finally time to head back home although I was sad to be leaving so soon, I was so happy that I got to visit such an amazing place with so much history behind it. If you have ever visited Germany or would like to visit Germany please do share your experience in the comment section below.

P.S Although I suck at learning new languages I was able to pick up some German words, ‘danke schone’ which means ‘thank you’ and ‘guten morgen’ which means ‘good morning’ .

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frankfurt  germany


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