Yummy Breakfast

yummy breakfast

Lately I have been feeling so inspired to get my health back on track and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Ever the lazy bum that I am, I always give up on myself whenever I start working out or eating healthy. However this time I’ve actually taken my health seriously and I’ve started opting for healthier food options. I know I don’t usually post on a Wednesday but today I just wanted to share with you my yummy breakfast. Having a healthier breakfast is as easy as just replacing some of your favourite breakfast treats with some healthier options. For breakfast I went for something a little different,

Wholewheat pancakes with sliced bananas and flaxseed

A Swiss chard and lettuce salad with cucumber and cherry tomatoes

Scrambled eggs with mixed herbs and garlic

Shoulder bacon

A bowl of fruits

A cup of five roses tea

yummy breakfast
yummy breakfast
yummy breakfast
yummy breakfast

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for a yummy breakfast. Till next time


Chocolate & Confident


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