Things I’m grateful for

Gratitude although inborn does not come easily to us. We live in a world were we have been conditioned to believe that we righty deserve everything we have . But the truth of the matter is the world owes us nothing, it was here first. From a young age we are taught the words ‘thank you’ , simply to instill in us the feeling of gratitude. Those simple words are meant to remind us that we don’t always deserve the things we are given and thus we need to acknowledge the role of others in our lives. Growing up I have seen so many people that believe that the world is their playground and everyone else is the new kid on the block and thus they feel entitled to everything they receive. Personally, from as far back as my earliest memories can take me, my parents have always taught me to be grateful. From the smallest of things, like someone simply passing me a spoon at the dinner table to bigger things like my parents buying me an expensive gift.

1. Life

The gift of life is one of the greatest gifts one could ever have. Life is a miracle that although we can explain scientifically, is still a mystery to most of us. Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget that simply being alive is a blessing. I am so grateful that at this moment I am alive and breathing and I am able to share precious memories with those I love.

2. Family

Words can’t describe how much my family means to me, they are not only my strongest support system but also my biggest fans. So many times we tend to take our family for granted because we spend so much time together that we forget that at any given moment that could change. Cherish your family and never let a day pass by without taking the time to thank them not only in word but kind deeds.

3. Good health

I am so grateful that I have a relative measure of good health. Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from the healthiest person out there but I do appreciate that for the most part I am healthy.

4. Travel

Travel has opened my heart and mind to so many amazing experiences. Travelling through different countries and continents has helped me not only to appreciate what I have but to also appreciate what other people have to offer.

5. Peace

Peace may sound like something strange to be grateful for but believe me living in a world that is filled with so much violence and hatred, what was once a peaceful place could change in the blink of an eye. So I am grateful for every single moment that my mind is at peace, even if it is just for a short while.

6. Friends

Although I find it hard to draw a distinction between my friends and family, nonetheless I am still so grateful for the amazing friends that I’ve known not only for years but even just in the recent past few months. My close friends have always been there to pick me up when I am down, to lend a helping hand when I needed one and to share beautiful holiday memories with.

7. Music

I am so grateful that I can listen to some soothing music whenever I feel a bit down but I can also listen to some up tempo music on those really good days. If you would like me to share what’s on my playlist please let me know in the comment section below.

8. Food

Listing the things I am grateful for would not be complete without food. For those of you that know me personally or follow me on my Instagram you probably already know how much of a foodie I am. I am so grateful for the variety of foods that the world has to offer.

9. Love

The ability to love and be loved has to be the second greatest gift from life. Without love, life would be pointless. Love is what makes us who we are, it makes us human. I’m am so grateful that I am able to love and be loved in return.

10. My blog

Lastly I’m grateful for my blog. Now I know this one probably sounds a little insignificant compared to some of the bigger things I’ve talked about but honestly words can’t describe how grateful I am for it. My blog has not only  allowed me to spread my creative wings and see things from a whole new perspective but it’s helped me connect with so many amazing like minded people. The blogosphere is a world of its own, where not only people meet but minds connect on a creative level. I am so grateful that I get to share my journey with you and I am grateful for every like, every comment, every share and most of all for all of you.

If you would like to share anything that you are grateful for please feel free to leave a comment below and if it is your first time on my blog, please do get comfortable and check out some of my earlier posts. But until my next post
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