My easy Style hacks

After what seemed to be a never ending week, I can’t believe it’s finally Friday and I am here with another blog post for you guys. My blog post today is in collaboration with Betabrand which is an amazing online clothing store and its all about my style hacks and how I maintain my wardrobe .
1. Purchasing timeless and not trendy pieces

My first style hack goes right down to the basics, and that’s simply how I purchase my clothes. I must say I am not an avid follower of trends but I do like to be stylish. The simple rule that I have lived by is buying things that I really like and actually see myself wearing years from now as opposed to pieces that are really trendy now and I would not want to be caught dead wearing them a couple of months from now. This not only helps me to keep my wardrobe in check but it also saves me a lot of cash.

2. Getting rid of Lint balls on clothing

We all know that annoying feeling when you pull your favourite sweater out of your wardrobe to match it with those black skinnies and as soon as you put it on you see those little round lint balls. Well an easy way to get your sweater as good as new is to use a razor. Simply shave those bad boys off and you ready to head out.

3. A structured blazer

A blazer is a great way to dress up an otherwise plain outfit. So if you want to look a little extra but you just want to wear that simple pink dress, throw on a blazer. Having a variety of Blazers has definitely been a lifesaver for me because I am able to switch up a plain outfit into something that looks a little more put together.

4. Getting rid of those tough stains

This is a trick that I learnt from my mum and it works wonders. Whenever I get that tough gravy stain on a white blouse, I simply soak my blouse in water with some washing detergent and then particularly smear some detergent paste on the part with the tough stain and then put it out on the washing line for a few hours. The magic is all in the sunlight. Once I get my blouse off the washing line, the stain literally just washes away and my blouse is as good as new. So next time you get that tough stain, try it out.

5. Adding some va va voom to a simple makeup look

I am such a fan of red lipstick and what better way to bring some colour to your face than with a bold red lip. I honestly feel like red lipstick is just such an essential for any girl out there, whether you are a busy girl who is always on the go or a busy girl who is stuck in the office the whole day. I just absolutely love how red lipstick just makes me look so alive. The goal is just to add some lustre to your lips and make you look alive, so if red is not your colour you can try a pink or purple lipstick.

6. Simple Accessories

When it comes to accessorising, less is definitely more. My current favourite accessory is a watch that I purchased recently. It just pulls my whole look together when I wear it. A simple necklace or bracelet is also an easy way to pull a look together without taking attention away from your outfit.

7. A functional wardrobe

Lastly my absolutely favourite style hack is having a functional wardrobe. I am a busy girl and sometimes my days feel like they are 30 hours long because I’ve got way to much to do. And that is where my last style hack comes in handy, I love clothes that I can wear throughout the day, for different events and through different seasons. It not only saves me a lot of money that I get to spend on other things but it also cuts down my stress levels of having to carry a spare outfit in the car to change into later in the day.

If you would love to get your functional wardrobe together be sure to check out Betabrand’s new range of ladies pants.

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But until next time


Chocolate & Confident


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