Rimmel match perfection foundation review

Hey my darlings, I hope you are all well and ready to transition to yet another season. Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on the Rimmel match perfection foundation which has been all the rave among beauty bloggers since its first release. Trying this foundation out was particulary exciting for me because Rimmel extended their shade range in order to cater for us women of colour. The Rimmel match perfection foundation is available in 12 gorgeous shades .

Now before I get into my review first lets get Rimmel’s description of the foundation:

“According to Rimmel, advanced smart-tone technology has been used in the creation of this foundation to instantly mimic the skin’s texture and tone for super blendibility. They also claim that it is a 24hr moisture + foundation with an SPF of 18. Finally the foundation has a pore blurring effect which helps minimise pores and cover dark circles while giving the skin a glow.”

My thoughts on the foundation?


rimmel match perfection foundation review

For a drugstore foundation I absolutely love the packaging of this foundation. The bottle is made of glass and it has a blue cap with the Rimmel logo at the top. Having the bottle made of glass is both a good and bad thing. It’s a good thing because it looks great on flat lays and the glass gives the bottle a high end look and the downside is you cannot drop it, once it hits the ground it is bye bye bottle. But packaging wise it is visually appealing, and it has a pump which means you are able to control how much product you get out of the bottle.


The formula is amazing, so according to Rimmel this foundation is a light to medium coverage foundation but it can be built up for a bit more of a heavy makeup look. When I use this on my face, one pump works great for a light coverage and covering up some uneven areas on my face. To get more coverage out of the foundation I use two pumps and I have to admit I was so surprised at how well this foundation blended with my skin tone . The foundation also has a bit of a floral scent which I really like.


I have to mention the technique that I found worked best when it came to blending it in. Because this is foundation contains a lot of moisture I found that using a beauty blender did not blend it in well because my beauty blender absorbed most of the moisture from the formula and it just looked really messy. So I found that to get the optimum coverage from this foundation either use a foundation brush or your good old fashioned fingers.

If you have normal to oily skin like I do I would highly suggest that you use a mattyfying primer before applying this foundation and making sure you set it with a good setting powder. You might want to focus on setting your smile lines, the area under  your eyes or just basically any part of your face where crease lines form.


Lastly, what I thought about the price? Well considering how this is a drugstore foundation I feel like it is really affordable. I didn’t have to spend a lot on it but it delivered and got the job done.

My final Verdict:

Cons?   It did not do an excellent job at minimising my pores but for a drugstore foundation I think it did a pretty decent job. The foundation does also transfer onto clothing so I suggest you do not wear anything with a high neck while using it.

Would I repurchase this foundation?  Yes

Did it meet Rimmel’s description?   7/10

If you have dry to normal skin this foundation will be just what you need to give your face a lovely youthful glow so be sure to grab a bottle at your local beauty store. You can also purchase it online or check the other shades available by clicking here

NB. If you live in Botswana, Zambia, South Africa or Namibia this foundation is available in Clicks, Edgar’s & Foschini.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on this foundation in the comment section below if  you have tried it before .

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