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Dear Black girl

Dear Black girl

Hey beautiful people, today my blog post is a special one that is really close to my heart. 2016 has been an emotional roller coaster for me but one of the most beautiful lessons I’ve learnt this year is to love my dark chocolate skin. This blog post is an ode, an open letter to all my black girls out there. So here it goes…

Dear black girl

I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. This isn’t another sob story to make you feel better about being black. But rather it’s a powerful message that I hope inspires you to echo gratitude for your chocolate skin. So many times we hear the words ‘black girl’ used to end a derogatory statement. From times immemorial, being a black girl has been synonymous with phrases such as ‘nappy hair’ , ratchet behaviour and not the ideal standard of beauty.

Growing up in a predominantly black community, I have had to deal with a cruel and seemingly less visible kind of discrimination. Yes, that of not only being a black girl but a dark skinned black girl. Yes, the dark skinned girl that shouldn’t be allowed to rock bright shades of lipstick, the dark skinned girl that the media constantly portrays as insignificant.

For so long I hated my dark skin to a point where I even considered bleaching it. Looking at my reflection in the mirror each morning was like a constant reminder that even in my prettiest dress, I would never be the ideal standard of beauty. I hated my skin and everything about it. But this year, something changed. I opened my heart and mind to the sheer reality that there is more to life than skin colour. I finally learnt something that took me years to even begin to fathom, the problem was not my skin colour but rather it was the fact that I let the world stick those ugly labels on me and dictate how I felt about my skin colour.

Dear Black girl

The world tells you that your dark skin is unconventional and unacceptable. But no black girl do not let the world squeeze you into its mould. Your dark skin is not a mere transitory trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. Your dark skin is not a barrier but rather a stepping stone to greater things. You are art, you are the perfect expression of resilience , strength and beauty.

Although your skin may be as dark as the night sky, you are a star. And stars can only reflect light when they are surrounded by darkness. So don’t let the glaring whiteness blind you from the beauty that you are. You are allowed to be intelligent, matter of fact you are allowed to be a freaking genius. You are allowed to be beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. A masterpiece in its own accord.

Oh black girl, the magic is not in the richness of your melanin but in the strength of your character. The black girl magic lies in not only believing you are a queen but acting like one. Humility, love,  kindness & grace are the precious jewels embedded in your crown, wear it proudly. So dream bigger, laugh louder, love harder and shine babygirl.

Dear black girl

Dear Black girl

With lots of love & gratitude 

Chocolate & Confident

The beautiful photographs were taken by a fellow blogger Ndazipa, do give her blog a peep, she has some pretty great content.

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