Things I’m not carrying into 2017

Hey beautiful people, 2017 is finally upon us and thus I saw it fitting to start my year with a blog post on 4 things I am not carrying into 2017.

1. Fake friends 

There is only so much time in the world to hold on to bad friends. The world puts so much pressure on us on a daily basis, that we have so much baggage to carry around, so why add the weight of fake friends? Through 2016 I came to learn that some people who I have always thought were my friends for years were actually just strangers to me. They never texted or called to find out how I was if I didn’t initiate the conversation. Whenever they planned to go out, I was never consulted or even invited and they only called me when they needed something. Although these were patterns that I had observed for years I always somehow felt like having fake friends and being part of a group was better than having no friends. 2016 taught me a lot of lessons and one of them was that if you have friends like the ones I just described, let them go, they are not worth your time and energy. I made some amazing new friends in 2016 that showed me the meaning of true friendship and thus I have decided to carry on with my new worthwhile friends in 2017 and I have decided to leave my fake friends in 2016.

2. A negative attitude 

Constantly dwelling on negative things not only robbed me of joy in 2016 but it also made me feel so unmotivated . I found myself dwelling on the negatives in my life more often than I should have. Having had a lot of time to think about what I didn’t want to carry into 2017, a negative attitude was definitely one of them. This year I want to focus on zooming in on the positives and minimising the negatives.

3. Unnecessary Stuff

2016 introduced me to the beauty that is ‘minimalism‘ . Having an open space allows you to think and move more freely. I am absolutely guilty of being a hoarder, whether it’s clothes, photographs, emails or shoes, I just always seem to have more than I actually need. So this year I am decluttering my life and leaving all the unnecessary stuff in 2016.

4. Things I can’t change

Lastly this year I don’t want to carry with me the things that I can’t change. Always worrying about things which you have no control over is simply a waste of mental energy and not to mention, time. Last year I spent way too much time hung over things I couldn’t change which just made me feel so unhappy. This year I’m going to use my time and energy on things that are actually within my control. Things like my workout routine, spending more time on myself and enjoying good food and even better company.

So that is my take on things I’m not carrying into 2017. I hope you found this post interesting and it gave you some food for thought on some things that you should probably leave in 2016. With that said I would love to thank all of you that supported my blog in 2016, all the likes, comments and shares were much appreciated . So cheers to an even bigger and better blog in 2017.

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20 thoughts on “Things I’m not carrying into 2017”

  1. WOW!!!!! Girl This Is Truly Amazing!! You’ve really opened my mind and made me look at life in an awesome perspective!
    Your words are full of wisdom I can’t lie I enjoyed reading every bit of this masterpiece and I found it really beneficial…keep it up
    Thank you so much!
    Much l0ve ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this! Those things are on my list to not carry into 2017 as well. We don’t need any of that holding us back. What’s your IG username? I love to support other fellow bloggers. For some reason the link above won’t work on my computer (probably because I’m at work now and it’s blocked haha).

    Liked by 2 people

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