3 keys to getting your morning facial routine on track

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The benefits of a good facial routine cannot be overemphasised. Although a lot of people don’t realise the importance of having a good facial routine in the morning, I personally have seen a great improvement in my skin since I decided to actually commit to one. Just the idea of having a routine of some sort seems like such a burden, a gym routine, a work routine, a morning routine, basically just any type of routine. I think the burden comes in the fact that the word routine denotes regularity which in today’s busy world is hard to keep up with. Well I have an easy solution that helped me develop a good morning facial routine and I hope it will help you too. I’m going to sum it up in 3 easy steps:

1) Know the benefits

Simply put why would you commit yourself to something if you didn’t know why you were doing it? The first step I took was to find out what the benefits of having a regular morning facial routine are. I took time to read about the benefits in beauty magazines and a number of other blogs. Some of the benefits that stood out to be included:

  • Having a youthful glow to your skin
  • Reduces the frequency of breakouts caused by oil build up which is actually a good breeding ground for bacteria
  • Reduction of premature wrinkles
  • Smoother skin
  • Reduction in marks caused by sun burn
  • A visibly even skin tone

2) Find the right products

Once I was convinced of the benefits of adopting a good facial routine, my next step was to find the right products for my skin type. I have combination to oily skin, so I had to find  products that would not strip my skin of all moisture but would not leave it oily either. After getting recommendations from some of my friends and reading a number of product reviews I decided to try out a couple of skincare products.

3) Stick to the routine

Lastly comes the biggest challenge, actually sticking to the routine. I have to admit I struggled with this for the first couple of weeks but as I got to see the great results on my skin I was actually motivated to keep it up.

And those are my 3 keys to getting your morning facial routine on track, knowing the benefits, finding the right products and sticking to the routine will come naturally.With that said my review of the of products that I am currently using on my face will be up on the blog soon.

Hope this post was helpful for those of you who have been struggling with keeping up with a routine especially a facial routine. Just remember that if you invest in your skin now you will see the benefits in future. So don’t give up, please feel free to comment your thoughts below, whether it’s a routine you’ve been struggling with or if this post has helped you in any way.

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7 thoughts on “3 keys to getting your morning facial routine on track”

  1. I’ve stayed pretty consistent on my facial routine, which I am grateful for. I have noticed a reduction on my blemishes, smoother skin and moisturized skin, so I will definitely remember to continue to be consistent with my facial routine. I have combination oily skin as well, thank you for the tips. They were helpful.

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