About Chocolate & Confident

I am Nalupya Pongaponga. A lifestyle curator with a passion for beauty, skincare, travel, food and style. I am a travel enthusiast with a burning desire for new experiences. My lifestyle blog Chocolate & Confident documents what I am passionate about with my avid readers and followers from all over the world. I use my blog as a platform to inform and inspire by sharing my beauty, travel & lifestyle content.

My brand strongly upholds the values of Honesty, Creativity & Hard work. I always strive to add value to my readers by giving them my honest experiences. As a blogger, creativity is the backbone of my brand because I constantly work to create new content for my readers. Above all else there is no substitute for a hard work ethic .

Join me on my blogging journey by following my blog directly or subscribing via email. For any enquiries or collaborations contact me via email on:

💌 nalupyapongaponga@ymail.com

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